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Kingdom Over Coffee Podcast

Thanks for checking out the podcast. Jesus said to seek first the Kingdom of God, so that's what we'll be doing in this biweekly podcast. Be blessed and go forward with the Kingdom!

Dec 7, 2018

How is the Kingdom of God winning when it looks like it's losing? All around the world, Christians are persecuted for their faith, the real War on Christmas. "Michael", a leader of the Coptic Church in Egypt, shares his testimony and how the Kingdom of God overcomes in oppression and violence.

Nov 23, 2018

Life takes detours, often times tragic and traumatic ones. How does the Kingdom engage with us in the midst of these times? Tez Brooks, with Campus Crusade and the Jesus Film, shares the testimony of how he found himself divorced and a single dad and how God met him there with a message of hope. 

Nov 16, 2018

Creativity is a redemptive act. God has given us the mission to enter the chaos, darkness, and confusion of this world and bring redemption through our creative gifts. Listen to this inspiring conversation with Allen Arnold from Ransomed Heart ministries (John Eldredge) on the topic of bringing creative order into chaos...

Nov 9, 2018

With media, entertainment, and other sources communicating their perspectives on sex, and the Church silent about what matters and the heart of God, it's no wonder so much confusion, misinformation, and shame surround the subject. Sex addiction counselor Mark Danzey joins the podcast to discuss the toxic and addictive...

Nov 3, 2018

What is God saying from Heaven? With loud and competing voices and agendas all around us, God is awakening a people that will hear and act from the Spirit within them. "The writers of the New Testament weren't interested if people were in church; they wanted to know if they were in Christ." Listen as Pastors Britt...