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Kingdom Over Coffee Podcast

Thanks for checking out the podcast. Jesus said to seek first the Kingdom of God, so that's what we'll be doing in this biweekly podcast. Be blessed and go forward with the Kingdom!

Nov 22, 2019

The perspective of Heaven. The holy ones of God. The New Creation. In the midst of strange visions and prophecy, God shows the nature of the Kingdom of God, his saints, and his promise to those that follow him. Listen to this important view as we look at Daniel Chapter 7 and the four beasts.

Nov 8, 2019

We need more leaders that are grieved over injustice and boldly stand for what is right in the face of persecution. Daniel 6 goes over the well-known story of Daniel in the Lion's Den, but it's not a story just for kids. It teaches us God's heart for justice and liberty in the midst of oppression.